Sam’s Bio

samguitarSam is from Alpine, Utah, and has been living in Provo for 5 years. He is a student at Utah Valley University, and is working on a Bachelors degree in Digital Audio with a Music minor. Sam took piano lessons off and on from age 8 to 16, but his real love for music developed when he started taking guitar lessons. He developed a love for theory and writing music, and since then has spent time as a piano tuner’s apprentice while learning the drums, bass guitar, trombone, banjo, recorder and ukulele on top of improving his guitar playing skills.

Sam has been teaching music for about 5 years, and in that time has been in two bands. He recently started consulting and coaching music bands. Sam has a great love for acoustics, and once built his own guitar.

Sam helps his students learn to love playing music and how to use their knowledge of music to communicate and connect with other.