Master Musicians Bridge Piano Course

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Master Musicians Bridge Piano Course


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This additional 10-months of instruction after Let’s Play Music graduation will be the perfect start for your student’s continued progression in piano study.  This course will 1) solidify their foundation, 2) continue to build in all areas of their music training, and 3) bridge any communication and curriculum gaps that they are likely to encounter with traditional private piano teachers and methods. I’m so excited for the opportunity to guide Let’s Play Music graduates for one more year!  They are perfectly primed to excel in their piano studies.  I have been concerned that much that has been gained will be minimized or lost without the proper teacher who understands where they are in their studies.  I will help them build on their excellent foundation and transition smoothly into private piano lessons or any other music lessons they might be interested in!

The Curriculum: The Master Musicians Piano Lesson curriculum has been carefully crafted to solidify newly introduced concepts and skills learned in the 3rd Year of Let’s Play Music, such as numerical counting up to sixteenth notes, scales and chords and the ‘real’ names and numbers that go along with those, composer knowledge, composition skills, accompaniment styles, key signatures, time signatures, note names and placement, and sight reading just to name a few.  All of these concepts will be reviewed and expanded on throughout this important year of musical transition.  They will be taught about the new yellow chord (the V7 chord) along with many other important concepts, skills and labels that will help ensure that their abilities don’t get ‘lost in translation’ with a private teacher.  The curriculum includes PRIVATE and GROUP instruction and students will have much of their repertoire customized so they can progress at their own pace.


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The Teachers:  I care about my Let’s Play Music graduates deeply and I know how much effort has been put into all they have learned so far.  I truly feel this bridge curriculum is absolutely the next best step for all Let’s Play Music graduates.  Since it’s not possible for me to teach EVERY Let’s Play Music graduate, (I’d love it if I could!). I have searched extremely carefully for an excellent teacher who will team teach this curriculum with me in conjunction with the Education Center at Best In Music.  Her name is Austin Jennings and she is a Piano Performance major from BYU Idaho graduating cum laude.  I have been working with her for 3 years at Best In Music and know her well.  She is skilled, fun, very kind, and an excellent teacher.  I am so excited to work hand in hand with Austin to help Let’s Play Music graduates take full advantage of the foundation they have so carefully developed!

Course Information – Master Musicians for Let’s Play Music Graduates:

  • $35 registration fee (includes 8-month computer program classroom access)
  • $75/payment (10-month curriculum, full participation required) I have worked to make this very affordable for the excellent quality of instruction each student will receive!
  • 10-month curriculum includes 2 months of summer private lessons, plus 8 months of semi-private/small group school-year lessons.
  • Summer Private Lesson details – 2 months, includes 8 – 30 min. private lessons (important for review and building each students customized instruction plan)
  • School-year Curriculum details – 8 months, begins the end of August.  Includes weekly 1 hour small group lessons with rotations in private instruction, sight reading, ear training and theory.  Includes 1 full group lesson each month, December Christmas piano party, plus a year-end performance recital.
  • Materials required: LPM Connections Book ($13.50), purple flashcards (from 3rd Year), other lesson books/repertoire as we progress through the curriculum – list of music books will be customized for each student during our summer private lessons.  The materials included in the registration fee are the student’s binder, lesson assignment sheets, class worksheets and handouts, manipulatives that we use in class that they need to practice with at home, practice incentives, 8-month classroom computer access.