gary argyle

Gary Argyle has been playing guitar for almost 20 years and teaching for nearly 10 years.  He just completed the music program at Utah Valley University, specializing in Jazz performance. He studied classical guitar with Justin Leslie as well as took master classes from BYU’s Lawrence Green. 

Gary can play and teach most styles of guitar but his true love lies in composing original guitar pieces in his own invented “alternate” tunings, usually for acoustic guitar. He is currently in the recording process for his solo project, “Life After August.”

Gary’s teaching method involves a collaboration of working out of a text and supplemental materials which he provides. He likes to incorporate songs into every new concept learned on the guitar. A good example would be the intro to Across the Universe by The Beatles, for teaching the musical interval of a 6th. Gary characterizes it as a “principle and practice” approach. The principle is taught and then learned thru practice with exercises and songs. He also likes to incorporate “performance pieces” that get a little more attention than the regular songs and are designed to be ready for performances and recitals.

Click here to see a clip of his talent.