Acoustic Summer Series

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June 22nd

Chris Melhado of Lost in Bourbon

Gimmie That Rock ‘n Roll by Chris Melhado.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 6/22/16


With a high energy performance, excellent song writing, and a great pair of pants, Lost in Bourbon delivers a high voltage show sure to get you out of your seat. Lost in Bourbon is definitely not a band you’ll fall asleep on. Their goal is to bring that good ole, wholesome Rock back to Utah. The band was formed in late 2014 when Louisiana native Chris Melhado relocated to Utah. He was heard playing by roommate and drummer Matt Spencer and the two began jamming. Spencer already being an accomplished drummer (Ravings of a Madman) saw that Melhado’s sound could go far. Thus the duo took to jamming. Early 2015 Taylor Syddall was added on bass and the band was complete. Lost in Bourbon currently has their self titled EP available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. The album is truly only a taste of what a Lost in Bourbon live show is, but it definitely is enough to get you hooked on these three gentlemen.

Kindred Dead

Kindred Dead

Love Never Came Easy by Kindred Dead.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 6/22/16


Led by Emmett Florence of California, Kindred Dead is charging into the national music scene with dynamic singer/songwriter pop and electrifying alt rock anthems. Joining Florence is Lukas Sanchez of Mexico City on lead guitar. After seeing Imagine Dragons perform for the first time at a battle of the bands, Florence was inspired to begin writing his own songs, and started performing at local venues with whatever bands he could piece together. Florence draws inspiration from big stadium alternative acts including The Killers, Coldplay, and Fun., as well as rock legends The Beatles and Queen. A perfectionist, Florence spends months and even years crafting his lyrics and song structures. The resulting songs are upbeat, soulful, and imaginative. Kindred Dead is currently touring throughout the western United States, expanding their audience and pushing towards their goal to become a Top 40 band.

June 29th 

We Include Pluto

We Include Pluto

Come Around by We Include Pluto.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 6/29/16

We Include Pluto tastefully combines the raw, heavy, angst-ridden sound of early 90’s alternative rock with the most interesting elements of more contemporary indie-influenced rock. But we like to keep things weird, so you will hear lots of influence from psychedelic rock and desert rock. Perhaps if Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, and Arctic Monkeys all had a child, that child would be the quirky, catchy, and aggressive We Include Pluto.

Red Yeti

Red Yeti

Hallelujah by Kimball Barker of Red Yeti.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 6/29/16

Red Yeti delivers a raw hard hitting rock & roll sound with intense guitar riffs and catchy melodies leading them to win the RAWartists 2012 Musician of the Year award. After 4/5 of the original Red Yeti line up left in March of 2016, frontman Kimball Barker had to reinvent Red Yeti. They are now a 3 piece band that will bring anything from calm instrumentals to your hard hitting party rock music.

 July 6th

 Gavin McMahanGavin McMahan

Worthy Faces by Gavin McMahan of Paint the Woods.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/6/16

Gavin is the singer of Provo based alternative band, Paint the Woods. Native to California, Gavin moved to Provo, UT to study music at BYU. Gavin plays a handful of instruments (guitar, piano, drums, mandolin, banjo, and bass) which he uses to his advantage in his songwriting and live looping. From alternative, synth-pop, post-rock, folk, indie-rock, to anthemic rock meant to be sung to the rafters, Paint the Woods covers a wide variety of genres. Gavin’s solo performances are a largely acoustic interpretation of these songs done with live looping.

The Naked Waiters

The Naked Waiters

Be Your Butterfree by The Naked Waiters.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/6/16

The Naked Waiters is an acoustic, ukulele-based group that started in Cedar City, UT, and is now based in Provo, UT. They specialize in fun, melt-your-heart music that’s good for the soul. They are comprised of Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andrew Nufer.  Kim and Andy have been friends for years, having known each other throughout high school and living together as roommates. They also were in another band, Apollo’s Army, together previously. While living together, they met Clark at a crepe party at their apartment, where Clark picked up Kim’s ukulele and would jam out. Kim and Andy decided to learn a couple songs with Clark, then the three came together when a mutual friend, Ben, asked Kim and Andy to serve dinner to him and a date wearing nothing but speedos. The band was born when they decided to take it one step further. The duo stripped, wore only aprons and bowties, called Clark, had him do the same, and sang love songs to Ben and Jen.   Since then, the three have played at everything from farmers’ markets and festivals to weddings, birthday/corporate parties, various resorts, concerts and battle of the bands, one of which (the Provo Acoustic Battle of the Bands at Joes Grill) they placed first.  They are currently living in Provo, Utah, where they are performing everywhere they can and enjoying playing their music.

July 13th

Jordan Reynolds

Jordan Reynolds.jpg

Honesty by Jordan Reynolds.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/13/16

Jordan Reynolds is a graduate in classical vocal performance from Brigham Young University. While attending BYU, he created his first album of original songs called “Honesty,” which will be released in the next few weeks. His sound is described as indie-soul with elements of folk. Jordan is moving to Boston this fall to pursue a master’s degree in vocal performance from New England Conservatory, and will continue his songwriting and performing pursuits there.

The Indigo

The Indigo

Candy Anaconda by The Indigo.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/13/16

The Indigo was formed under the guise of Indie rock. The band formed in the summer of 2015 containing members Corbin Shaw, Nate Ferguson, and Brandon Henry. They played their first show at the Velour in Provo bringing in 100 curious listeners, with shows following only growing in size. The Indigo take their inspiration from bands like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and The Smiths.

July 20th

Kimberly Knighton

The Love That Breaks My Heart by Kimberly Knighton.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/20/16

Kimberly has been playing piano and singing ever since she can remember and has been writing her own music since middle school. Most have compared her to the piano playing singer/songwriters like Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones and Carol King. After graduating from BYU with a a degree in Media Music, she ventured out to Nashville to live the dream and check out the songwriting scene. That’s also where she recorded her debut album, My Time to Dream. She has since moved back to Utah and recently funded a Kickstarter for her new album, Histories, set to release next month.

No Robot

Someone by No Robot.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/20/16

No Robot is a four-piece Hard Indie Rock band based in Utah County, and is the result of various projects and lineups stretching back to 2013 when Robert Brimhall (guitar), Mike Moreno (bass), and Tyler (drums) played together in Jazz Band. The three musicians created an Indie/Funk Rock band called Cyber Cowboy and The Flying Coffee Beans that thrived through the summer of 2013 up until Robert left to serve a mission in the fall. Mike and Tyler, along with remaining musicians from Cyber Cowboy, formed an Alternative/Indie Rock band the following summer called The Berriers. The group gained popularity and reputation almost instantly, and dominated the music scene for months to follow. In late 2014, The Berriers experienced a lineup change that ultimately led to the decision of dissolving the band. More than a year and a half later, Mike and Tyler reunited with Robert upon returning home, and reignited the spark that drove their earlier music. The group recruited Zac Ence (keyboard/vocals), who Robert knew from earlier projects, to lock in the fourth member. The four of them quickly found a sound where they could flourish, and have successfully delivered a variety of songs all different from the last. No Robot is currently recording an EP set to release late July 2016.

July 27th

Bri Ray

Hipster by Bri Ray.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/27/16

Bri Ray is a 19 year old singer-songwriter who has engaged audiences in venues including Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center, Miami’s New World Center, Utah’s Lavell Edwards Stadium, Utah’s Scera Shell, Utah’s Sandy Ampitheatre, California’s Dolby Theatre, and many more. Bri’s original music has received national and international recognition. She participated in the final season of American Idol and recentely appeared on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine. She is a Presidential Scholar in the arts and a YoungArts finalist. Her program “A Place for Everyone” helps to encourage kindness, create confidence, and teach tolerance, and has been shared with thousands of youth nationwide.

Callie Crofts

The Undertaker by Callie Crofts.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 7/27/16

From whimsical acoustic folk to edgy alternative rock, Callie Crofts has made her mark as an independent singer/songwriter. Born in the small town of Firth, Idaho, Crofts took to songwriting at the age of 12, writing a song on the first day she made an attempt at playing the guitar.  “As soon as I learned a few chords, I felt the urge to create something new. That first song flowed out with ease and comfort, and I knew it was my purpose the moment it happened.” Says Crofts of her musical beginnings.  Now based in Orem, Utah, and Six years after her folky debut album ‘Zen Garden’ launched her into an independent career with a global audience, Crofts’ rapidly growing catalog of work boasts a scope and variety that few indie artists can claim.  “I’ll always choose feeling over form. If I’m in a dark rock band and I feel like writing an adorable pop song, I do it. To live is to experience constant refinement and reinvention. It’s only natural that my songs echo my daily transformations.” says Crofts.  And “Transformation” is a fitting word for her journey. Since her solo debut, she has gained viral popularity with inspiring pop singles ‘October’ and ‘Electric Stars and Satellites’, shocked fans by forming and producing two full-length albums with dark edgy rock band ‘My Fair Fiend’, and even reached top-ten positions on Billboard Charts with an acoustic family Christmas album entitled ‘Sparrow in the Birch’, which she produced, arranged, and wrote two original songs for.  With My Fair Fiend’s full-length sophomore ‘Making Monsters’ released last October, a tour coming up this October, and hints at a new solo project on the horizon, it is clear that the world will see much more of this vibrantly diverse artist and performer. It’s just unclear exactly WHAT they will see from her next.

August 3rd



Last Year’s Winter by Cinders.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/3/16

Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, Cinders has managed to put themselves on the music scene in a matter of months. Their rhythmic acoustic vibe along with catchy electric leads, and killer melodies have hooked in hundreds and thousands. They continue to impress at every show and they satisfy their listeners with each new song they release. They have shared the stage with many fantastic local and touring acts such as Cold War Kids and JR JR. High energy with smiles on their faces- Cinders will bring musical happiness to anyone with ears.

Red Sleeves

Red Sleeves

Hurricane by Red Sleeves.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/3/16

Red Sleeves are a 3 piece from Lehi, UT. Combining melancholy lyrics with exciting pop-rock, Red Sleeves has a truly unique sound. After a small hiatus the band debuted their EP OK on July 21st with show dates soon to be announced. You can listen to Red Sleeves on Spotify and Apple music

August 10th

Emily Bea

Emily Bea

Deja Vu by Emily Bea.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/10/16

Emily Bea is a 21 year old indie/pop, singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. Emily has opened for acts such as- A Great Big World, Tyrone Wells, Danny Gokey, and Jason Castro. She continues to perform at various venues around the Salt Lake valley. Emily currently has recorded and released two albums, “Love A Fair,” (2012) and “Bench for Two,” (2014) both available on iTunes. Emily recently released her newest single titled, “Scorpio,” in July of 2016, off her upcoming album to be released in the fall of 2016.

Aubree Liz

Aubree Liz

If You Knew by Aubree Liz.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/10/16

Incorporating her southern roots with the fresh indie-folk sound now overtaking the Utah Valley music scene, singer-songwriter Aubree Liz has performed at a variety of venues alongside various local artists, including Foreign Figures, Coral Bones, and Mimi Knowles. Aubree began seriously pursuing music after being moved by a live performance by Ed Sheeran in 2012, and has since taken further vocal and writing inspiration from artists such as Ray LaMontagne, George Ezra, and the Staves. She is currently working on an album and hopes to make an impact in Provo’s incredible music scene and eventually win a Grammy. But for now, she is happy to play for anyone who will listen.

August 17th

Emily Go

Emily Go

Hide and Seek by Emily Go.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/17/16

Emily Go. is a 25 year-old artist, bird-watcher, thrift-shopper, dog-lover, star-gazer, perpetual pilgrim, daughter, sister, and restless native of Earth… but based out of Provo. UT.  About beauty-finding, truth-seeking, melody-making, and loving many things.


Kaitlyn’s Song by Queenadilla.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/17/16

 We are a Blues/Rock n’ Roll band from Orem, UT with a fan base that ranges from pubescent teenagers, to hipsters in their mid twenties, to burnt out hippies, to old fogies, to cops.

August 24th

The Solarists

So Good by The Solarists.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/24/16

The Solarists are an Indie Pop Rock group based out of Provo Utah. They formed during the Fall of 2015 and have been gaining momentum ever since. They combine catchy hooks with space riffs and melodies in order to get their music the best sound possible. The Solarists follow great Provo bands such as Neon Tree’s and Imagine Dragons with the sound they produce, while giving a nod to other great bands such as The Killers and Yoing, The Giant. Check out their Debut EP “Strange Love” on iTunes, Amazon Music, or Spotify.

Jordan Moyes

Tell My Friends by Jordan Moyes.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/24/16

Jordan Moyes is a 22 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s been playing guitar since he was 6 years old and always had a passion for creating his own songs. With a sound similar to artists like Iron and Wine, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Damien Rice, he is always chasing the softer songs with a melody and lyrics that tug at your heart strings. Known for his storytelling and lyrical imagery, his goal is not to play louder, but to make his audience more quiet. Jordan’s songwriting is always trying to capture “the emotion and depth of Radiohead, with the catchiness of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.” His goal with music is to simply play for anyone that wants to listen, and continue to enjoy it more and more everyday.

August 31st

Whitney Lusk


Picaso by Whitney Lusk.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/31/16

Whitney Lusk is a singer-songwriter from Utah. From the age of 8, she has been vocally trained by industry professionals.  At the age of 14 Whitney performed with a national country cover band who opened at music festivals for major artists, such as Kelli Pickler, LeAnn Rimes, and Billy Currington.  At age 16 Whitney took on the stage herself with her own music and opened for the Country Duo Maddie & Tae. Since then she has opened for YouTube sensation Andie Case with a sold out show in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been featured on several Utah Radio Stations for being one of Utah’s up-and-coming singers.  Whitney recently traveled to L.A. and attended a workshop where she worked with top industry artists, Colbie Caillat , John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls, and Aisha Francis.  Whitney’s original Song “ Picasso” won her a trip to Nashville where she wrote with top industry singer-songwriters on Music Row and performed at the famous Bluebird Café.  Whitney recently had the opportunity of filming a New Reality TV Show called “The Song TV” which will premier on National TV this Fall.

Dead Metro

Dead Metro

Screaming by Dead Metro.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 8/31/16

Zachary Frost and Jeremy Thorn of Dead Metro utilize dark emotional lyrics while fusing heavy punk beats with bright alternative rock to create a unique sound all of its own.

Sept 7th

Letters From Lafayette

Letters From Lafayette

More Than Miles by Letters From Lafayette.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 9/7/16

Letters From Lafayette is an acoustic duo with the typical, generic folk flare that the provo music scene is already saturated by. If you like watching socially inept musicians radiate mild discomfort in front of a room full of people, then you’ll love us! Seeing as we were formed almost entirely by accident, our goal is to get through a set where we remember all our lyrics and just have some fun. Oh and Jennifer sings and Mac plays guitar in case that’s important to you.



Moon Ticket by Telesomniac.  Recorded Live @ Best In Music 9/7/16

Telesomniac is an eclectic, emotion-heavy hybrid, combining warm acoustic with cold electronic sound. While building powerful imagery Telesomniac create a unique ambient yet intense soundscape as described as “the way dreams feel” by Analog Provo and “Space Rock” by Reach Provo.